​​Tournament will be in a double elimination format. Every team will be guaranteed at least 2 games.

ASA, USSSA & NSA approved bats will be allowed.

Hit your own balls, men hit a men's ball and women can hit either a men's or a women's ball. Men's and women's balls can be any combination of COR and compression with the following maximum restrictions because of player safety and the short fences: men's ~ .44 COR and max 375 compression and women's  ~ .50 COR 400 compression

The 'run rule' is 20 runs after 3 innings, 15 runs after 4 innings, and 10 runs after 5 innings.

A coin flip will determine the home team in all games except game 1 of the championship game. In game 1 of the championship game the undefeated team will be the home team. If another game is required to determine the champion the home team will again be determined by a coin flip.

Teams should be at the field at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time as games may begin early. Teams (or missing players) not at the field at the start of the game will have 5 minutes after the umpire declares the game started before game is forfeited which will count towards the 50 minute time limit (see below about required players). 

Managers should give lineups to the scorers/umpires at least 5 minutes before game time. 

Teams may play with 8 or 9 players as long as 4 of them are female. Every time the 9th or 10th batter is up it is an automatic out.

Roster may not exceed 20 players. For Co-ed teams there must be at least 5 women on the field and in the lineup at all times. 

Up to 2 players not on the roster of any team may be added prior to the start of the game however added players not on the roster must bat at the bottom of the lineup.

Please refrain from using foul language as this can result in ejection. 

Hitters will start with a full count. A foul ball is an out and is considered a strike out so base runners cannot advance even if the ball is caught in the air.

If a ball hits an outfield tree in the air it is considered a home run. There is no fence so each team has unlimited home runs (Middle Bass Tournament).

Each team will have 3 home runs per game then 1 up (Put-in-Bay Tournament). A team may not go 1 up in the bottom of the final inning.
Designated Home Run Hitter (DHH): Home run limit is 3 then 1 up but the DHH will not count against the limit. If the DHH is walked (intentional or not) the next person to hit a home run may do so without penalty until the DHH's spot comes back up in the lineup. DHH is optional and will be $10/game.

Teams may bat up to 14 players.

The batting order must alternate genders (except if there is one less female than males on the roster and playing; ie: playing with 9). Women can bat back to back if there are more women in the lineup than men. If playing with 10 you must bat 5 and 5.

If a man walks with 2 outs the following woman may elect to automatically walk or take an at-bat. The man will advance to second base (regardless of how many outs there are) whether the woman decides to walk or hit. 

One courtesy runner will be allowed in each inning. Runner must be the same gender as the player they are replacing and must be the last batted out of their gender. If the gender of the runner replacing the player has not recorded an out, the last batter in the lineup of that gender will be the runner. 

Time limit is 50 minutes (subject to change/be extended depending on the number of teams and how fast the games are moving). No inning shall start after 50 minutes have elapsed. Teams must be alerted by the umpire before the start of the last inning.

Each game will consist of 7 innings unless the time limit is up.

All plays at home plate are force plays. No contact is to be made with the catcher or player covering home plate. If the runner makes excessive contact with the catcher they are out. If the catcher is blocking the plate the runner will be called safe. Excessive contact to be determined by the umpire.

If a runner is deemed more than halfway between 3rd and home and the ball is at home plate the runner will be out. There will be a marker.

The umpire and/or tournament director will be the final arbiters for any protests.


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Island Softball Rules & Regulations